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PA Wings
PA's Origanal Outlaw Kart Series


Hello!!! Welcome to the PA Wings Website! We are a Winged Outlaw Kart series in our 8th season that race at different tracks all over Pennsylvania. We have all kinds of engine combo's, from high reving 2 strokes, to screaming dual Briggs flatheads, to monster 4 stroke big blocks. You cant forget our signature wing making us look a lot like miniature sprint cars! So check out our schedule and come on out and watch us tear up some dirt and make some noise!

#53 Tanner Brown won the season finally at Hunterstown Speedway and #69 Ricky Cisney took home the 2018 seasoon points championship for the open class. Congrats to Ricky for a great season. 

Points are updated on the results page.

​Have a great off season and hope to see everyoone in 2019 for our 10th season.


Must have Hoosier tires on the left side. Doesnt matter what compound.